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Stagione 2014
Foto McLaren
Titolare: Martin Whitmarsh
Direttore generale: ---
Direttore tecnico: Tim Goss
Direttore sportivo: ---

Monoposto stagione 2014: MP4-29

Motore: Mercedes PU106A Hybrid
Gomme: Pirelli

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Collaudatore: Vandoorne Stoffel

Dettagli monoposto MP4-29

Monocoque: Carbon-fibre composite incorporating driver cockpit controls and fuel cell
Front suspension: Carbon-fibre wishbone and pushrod suspension elements operating inboard torsion bar and damper system
Rear suspension: Carbon-fibre wishbone and pullrod suspension elements operating inboard torsion bar and damper system
Electronics: McLaren Applied Technologies. Including chassis control, engine control, data acquisition, alternator, sensors, data analysis and telemetry
Bodywork: Carbon-fibre composite. including engine cover, sidepods, floor, nose, front wing and rear wing. Driver-operated drag reduction system
Lubricants & Fluids: Mobilith SHC™ 1500 Grease – Mobilith SHC™ 1500 Grease – high-temperature drive-shaft tripod lubrication, Mobilith SHC™ 220 Grease – Mobilith SHC™ 220 Grease – low rolling-resistance ceramic wheel bearing lubrication, Mobil SHC™ Hydraulic Oil – Mobil SHC™ Hydraulic Oil – high-pressure, high-temperature hydraulic fluid used for driver, transmission and power-unit control actuators
Tyres: Pirelli P Zero
Radio: Kenwood
Race wheels: Enkei
Brake calipers: Akebono calipers cylinders
Master cylinders: Akebono master cylinders
Batteries: Lithium-Ion battery, between 20 and 25 kg, maximum energy storage, 4 MJ per lap
Steering: McLaren Racing power-assisted
Instruments: McLaren Applied Technologies dashboard
Paint solutions: AkzoNobel Car Refinishes system using Sikkens products

Type: Mercedes-Benz PU106A Hybrid
Lubricant: Mobil 1™ Engine Oil – high-protection low-friction lubricant and coolant, for high durability and improved fuel economy
Capacity: 1.6 litres
Cylinders: 6
Maximum rpm: 15,000 rpm
Bank angle: 90 degree vee angle
Fuel injection: 500bar direct injection, single injector per cylinder
Number of valves: 24
Fuel: ExxonMobil High Performance Unleaded (5.75% bio fuel)
Max fuel flow rate: 100kg/hour (above 10,500 rpm)
Weight: 145 kg

Sistema ERS
Architecture: Integrated Hybrid energy recovery via Motor Generator Units, crankshaft coupled electrical MGU-K, turbocharger coupled electrical MGU-H
MGU-K: Maximum speed, 50,000 rpm. Maximum power, 120 kW. Maximum energy recovery, 2 MJ per lap. Maximum energy deployment, 4 MJ per lap.
MGU-H: Maximum speed 125,000 rpm. Maximum power, unlimited. Maximum energy recovery, unlimited. Maximum energy deployment, unlimited
Energy store: Lithium-Ion battery, between 20 and 25 kg. Maximum energy storage, 4 MJ per lap

Gearbox & Differential: Carbon-fibre composite case
Epicyclic differential with multi-plate limited-slip clutch
Gears: Eight forward and one reverse
Gear selection: McLaren Racing hand-operated seamless-shift
Clutch: Carbon/carbon, hand-operated
Lubricants: Mobil 1 SHC™ Gear Oil – Low traction-loss, high-efficiency gear and bearing lubricant and coolant

Storia e statistiche scuderia

Gran Premio di Monaco del 1966

Prima vittoria:

Gran Premio del Belgio 1968 (Bruce McLaren)

Mondiali disputati in Formula 1 *
Anno Monoposto Motore Punti
2023 McLaren MCL60 TBC 0
2022 McLaren MCL36 Mercedes M13 E Performance 158
2021 McLaren MCL35M Mercedes M12 EQ Power+ 275
2020 McLaren MCL35 Renault 202
2019 McLaren MCL34 Renault E-Tech 19 145
2018 McLaren MCL33 Renault 62
2017 McLaren MCL32 Honda RA617H 30
2016 McLaren MP4-31 Honda RA616H 76
2015 McLaren MP4-30 Honda RA615H 27
2014 McLaren MP4-29 Mercedes PU106A Hybrid 181
2013 McLaren MP4-28 Mercedes FO 108Z 122
2012 McLaren MP4-27 Mercedes FO 108Z 378
2011 McLaren MP4-26 Mercedes FO 108Y 497
2010 McLaren MP4-25 Mercedes FO 108X 454
2009 McLaren MP4-24 Mercedes FO 108W 71
2008 McLaren MP4-23 Mercedes FO108V 151
2007 McLaren MP4-22 Mercedes-Benz FO 108T -115828
2006 McLaren MP4-21 Mercedes FO 108S 110
2005 McLaren MP4-20 Mercedes-Benz FO 110R 182
2004 McLaren MP4-19 Mercedes FO 110Q 69
2003 McLaren MP4-17D Mercedes FO110M 142
2002 McLaren MP4/17 Mercedes F0110M 65
2001 McLaren MP4-16 Mercedes FO110K 102
2000 McLaren MP4-15 Mercedes FO110J 162

* Mondiali con almeno 1 punto conquistato (dal 2000)